Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro600 Capsules
Secret Vitamin B17 Colloidal Rhodium Pro

B17 Professional 20:1 w/ 50% Amygdalin and Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract ProA50

As shown in the right pictures "B17 Professional 50% Amygdalin" and "Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract ProA50" are the exact same product with a different Title (name) and Label due to the fact that some people know this product as either B17 or Apricot Extract.  Both of these products contain 600+mg of 50% Hunza (strongest) Organic Bitter Apricot Kerenel (seed) Extract and 50% Pure Amygdalin compared to 2-3% Amygdalin found in Apricot Kernels.These 2 products are different from those above due to the Extra Strength Amygdalin content which is it least 44% More Amygdalin content added compared to the Pro600's. The appearance of these 2 products are light tan / light cream colored due to the 50/50 mixture of Natural Apricot Extract which is Dark Brown and Amygdalin (white in color). Just taking 1 Capsule is equal to taking 25-30 Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels. 100 Capsules Per Jar. 1 Jar of B17 Pro 50% or A50 is equal to taking 3,000 Apricot Kernels.

"Secret B17" : 200PPM HV Rhodium Professional

What is "Secret B17" and Why do we call it Secret B17 ?

Secret B17 is a hidden ingredient found in Apricot Kernels as well as Carrots, Aloe Vera, Watercress, Grape Seeds, Blue/Green Algae, The Herbs of Essiac Tea and many many other Super Healthy Foods however just in a PPM  (Parts Per Million) form. For Example in a regular Idaho Potato there is 18.5ppm of Zinc, 4.6ppm of Copper, and so on. We found that the highest concentrations of Rhodium Were found in Apricot Kernels and Carrots and following shortly is Aloe Vera. Then after much research we found that People Carrot Juicing all day long were consuming 60.5ppm of Rhodium Per Glass of Carrot Juice if found Organic and Pure with no Chemicals (hard to find). In Apricot Kernels the PPM is even higher depending on where the Apricots were grown. Such as the PPM of Rhodium was higher in Hunza Apricots than Regular Apricots. This was unusual since Hunza Apricots Also had higher contents of Amygdalin. Just Like the Metals : Silver, Copper, and Gold that have amazing health benefits, we found Rhodium to have the most benefits in the types of diseases that people would take Apricots Kernels or Extract. We know that just like taking Silver, Copper of Gold in Food or Colloidal Form,  these substances go in the body, "do what they do" health wise and then leave the body usually during urination. These metals unlike bad metals such as Aluminum are Great for the human body and all these metals should be present in our Food if grown organically from the soil. However this is not the case 95% of the time. B17 Pro Inc decided to produce a Pure Rhodium Product by taking .9999% Pure Rhodium Metal and using the High Voltage (HV) Underwater Plasma Arc Method, producing a Colloidal Form which takes 72hours to produce 200ppm. Taking just 1 scoop (provided with purchase) is equal to Carrot Juicing or taking Essiac Tea ALL DAY !!!. Secret B17 can be taken with Silver, Copper, Gold, B17, Prodalin, Graviola, Magnesium or any other healthy products.

Apricot Kernel Extract ProA50

Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro600 and Vitamin B17 Pro600

As shown in the Left pictures "Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro600" and "Vitamin B17 Pro600" are the Exact Same Product with a different Title (name) and Label. This is done due to the fact that many people do not know the difference between Apricot Extract and B17, not knowing they are the same. Both of these products contain 600mg of Pure Organic Bitter Hunza Apricot Kernel extract with a Amygdalin content of it least 6%. These 2 Products are different from the Pro300 only by the amount of mg's they provide per capsule. These 2 Products simply provide you with double the mg amount of 600mg of extract per capsule and contain 100 capsules per jar. Taking Just 1 Capsule of either Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro600 or Vitamin B17 Pro600 would equal taking 2-4 Whole Organic Apricot Kernels and worth 300 Apricot Kernels per jar. This extract is Not Dark Brown, it is a tan to a dark cream color due to the addition of extra Amygdalin (white).

Secret Vitamin B17 HV Rhodium Pro
Bitter Apricot Seeds Extract Pro300

Prodalin Professional 100% Pure Amygdalin (B17)

As shown in the right pictures, Prodalin Professional has 0% Bitter Apricot Kernel (seed) Extract but 100.0% Pure Amygdalin content from Bitter Apricot Kernels (Seeds). Prodalin Professional is 100.0% Pure  B17 meaning 100% Pure Amygdalin. Real B17 is Amygdalin and not Apricot Extract. There is no stronger B17 available in the world. Prodalin unlike others contains no other ingredients or fillers and contains 850mg of Pure Amygdalin per each Vegetarian capsule. Appearance is Pure White since no Apricot Kernel Extract is added (Amygdalin's (B17's) natural color is pure white). Just taking 1 Capsule of Prodalin Professional is equal to taking 60+ Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels. 100 Capsules, 850mg Each come in each jar of Prodalin Professional. Each Jar would be equal to taking it least 6,000 + Apricot Kernels....Amazing!!

Secret B17 Rhodium Professional
Prodalin Professional Pure Amygdalin B17 Capsules
Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro300

All Vitamin B17 Professional's  :

0% Fillers (Most retailers include Flour or Rice in the capsules which are very unhealthy)
0% Preservatives
0% Additives
0% Chemicals
0% Radiation
0% Heat Processing
100% Cold Processed
100% Pure and Potent
100% Verified Added Amygdalin (B17) Content
100% Organic
100% Vegetarian

***Did you know that ALL of the 600mg Capsules actually contain over 840mg Each ?  The Professional's really are amazing!

Rhodium Professional Graviola Professional

Compare the "Color" of each Clear Vegetarian Capsule in the picture above or below. You will notice, the stronger the B17 (Amygdalin) Capsule the Whiter the Capsule is. This is because True Amygdalin known as True B17 is White and Not Dark Brown.

Apricot Kernel Extract ProA50
Prodalin Professional Pure Amygdalin B17 Capsules

Understanding Vitamin B17

What is Vitamin B17 ?

Vitamin B17 is the popular name for Amygdalin, a substance found in the Apricot Kernel Extract but sometimes gets mistaken for Laetrile, Laetrile is the Drug that is illegal to sell, it is the Liquid version of Amygdalin, the main ingredient inside Apricot Kernels besides the hidden ingredient called Rhodium which we'll get into later. To put this simply so everyone can understand, Apricot Kernel Extract has a main ingredient inside it called Amygdalin, kinda like an Orange contains Vitamin C. Amygdalin is inside all Apricots Kernels/Seeds at a natural strength of 2-3%, (Meaning the Apricot is 97-98% Apricot Extract and 2-3% Amygdalin. Amygdalin is what "makes Apricot Kernels work and "do what they do". Without the Amygdalin content inside Apricot Kernels or B17 Extracts, tablets, or Capsules, the B17 would be useless. Now Laetrile is basically the liquid injectable version of Amygdalin. So please note that B17 is NOT Apricot Kernels or Apricot Seeds or so called "B17 Capsules", instead B17 is the "street name" given to Amygdalin.  You could buy bags of Apricot Kernels or Apricot Extract or Apricot Pills/tablets/ or capsules but please know when you do purchase the these items from other retailers you are only getting 2-3% B17 (amygdalin) and 97-98% Apricot Kernel Extract which contains only vitamins and minerals. Many retailers assume and hope the customer is ignorant, they market their products as 100% B17, or Pure B17 Capsules, or Pure Laetrile, please know you are being taken for everything you got.

Amygdalin and Apricots : What to know !

When you purchase Apricot Kernels also known as Apricot Seeds (Same Exact Thing, Different Name), you should know that most Apricot Kernels have a natural content of 2%-3% Amygdalin and 97%-98% Apricot Kernel which consists of its natural vitamins and minerals. Most consumers who purchase Apricot Kernels assume that all Apricot Kernels and Apricot Extracts known as B17 are basically all the same. Most retailers who sell Apricot Kernel Extract known as Vitamin B17 simply grind or crush up the Apricot Kernels and mesh the extract into a powder or fine powder and simply put this extract in a capsule, either vegetarian or gel capsule. They promote their Apricot  Product as being Powerful or 100% B17 or "Highest Amygdalin content".

These representations are false, they are 100% Apricot Extract but they don't tell you it only has 2-3% Amygdalin which means you are only buying 2-3% Vitamin B17. Also when they say "We have the Highest Amygdalin content" statement, it is misleading because Apricots have 2-3% Amygdalin so each capsule they sell you has the highest Amygdalin content NATURALLY. You can tell if it only has 2-3% Amygdalin (2-3% B17) if the extract is Dark Brown because the color of Amygdalin is White. Why are these products so expensive.....they are actually not, but you pay expensive prices due to the "seller" passing them off as "Pure B17" which is absolutely is only 2-3% B17. Pure really means 100.0% B17 content, not 2-3% B17 content.

Consumers must be aware that the "Fighting Ingredient" inside Apricots is Amygdalin (Real B17). Without the Amygdalin the Apricot is useless besides getting some vitamin and mineral intake. But for the purpose that everyone uses Vitamin B17 for, a person really needs to have a product with a great Amygdalin content. This is where Vitamin B17 Professional Inc comes in.....

What is Vitamin B17 PRofessional and How does it Compare ?

Vitamin B17 Professional came in to picture and basically changed the way B17 Products compared to each other and left them all behind. Vitamin B17 Professional searched and researched many products sold in the market and what we found was astonishing. Many Vitamin B17 Products had fillers in them such as Rice Powder or White Flour which helps the growth of cancers, others had Preservatives, Additives, or were GMO ! Some of the Pure brands of B17 Extract was Heat Processed which turns the extract useless, and most of these so called Powerful B17 Products sold had a natural content of 2-3% Amygdalin which is basically very weak and the higher contents of Amygdalin (b17 products) had Rice Flour or White Flour in it or other substances making you think you are getting 100mg or 500mg or more of B17 but in fact even if they gave you 100.0% B17 content (which they don't), you would only get half due to the fillers. People thinking they were getting 100 or 500mg's of B17 were only getting 50mg to 250mg. If you were to Crush just 1 Apricot Kernel how many Capsules or "Pills" would that crushed Apricot fill up ? The answer is around 3-6 Capsules, and that's if you purchase the large capsules. Now in those 3-6 Capsules COMBINED you would have 2-3% Amygdalin in all 3-6 capsules because again 1 Apricot Kernel only has 2-3% B17 known as Amygdalin. This is very very sad ! It would be easier to just eat 1 Apricot Kernel then to buy and swallow 3-6 Capsules which are more expensive than the kernels themselves ! STOP purchasing FAKE Products !...... Let's explain our Products.

  • ALL Vitamin B17 Professionals are 100% Organic Extract from Organic Apricot Kernels. Pure Extracted Amygdalin from Organic Kernels, 100% Natural Hunza Extract which has a Natural content of 3-4% Amygdalin compared to all other Apricots Found around the world at 2-3% Amygdalin.
  • ALL Vitamin B17 Professionals have ADDED AMYGDALIN (B17) CONTENT ON TOP OF THE BASE Amygdalin of 3-4% B17 (AMYGDALIN).
  • ALL Vitamin B17 Professionals are 100% Cold Processed so Heat does Not destroy our extracts.
  • ALL Vitamin B17 Professionals are Non GMO, DO NOT GET RADIATED, and are 100% Pure (meaning no other substances are added). **Prodalin Professional's are 100.0% Pure B17 (Amygdalin) content.
  • ALL Vitamin B17 Professionals have NO Fillers, NO Preservatives, No Additives, and No Chemicals.
  • ALL Vitamin B17 Professionals have a minimum of 6% Amygdalin content (we will explain this further) and a maximum of 100% Amygdalin Content (depending on the B17 Professional Model you purchase).  * We do however have a new "natural" Apricot Kernel Extract Professional Capsule with no added Amygdalin (the only one with no added B17 (amygdalin).
  • ALL B17 Professionals contain 850mg's Per Capsule (main size) in Organic Vegetarian Capsules. *We do however also now have a 2 different 300mg (small size) capsule B17 products to choose from, one has 6% B17 , the other 100.0% B17.
  • ALL B17 Professionals are 20:1 meaning purified 20 times compared to the regular 1:1 or grounded up Apricot Kernel extract. ( Please Note : Some Sellers claim and copied our 20:1 Purity Process however they think their product has the same Amygdalin Content, they are wrong, 20:1 does not mean how much Amygdalin is inside the product only how Pure (cleaned) it is).
  • ALL B17 Professionals have Added Amygdalin content. We simply extract pure Amygdalin from Apricot Kernels and add the extra Amygdalin content to the Apricot Extract. **Please Note : AMYGDALIN is WHITE. The Pro extracts having a higher Amygdalin content added to them allow the extracts color to get lighter and lighter which proves it's B17 (amygdalin) content. The higher the Amygdalin content the lighter in color of the extract. This is why we want our customers to learn all about the FAKE extracts such as some sellers now trying to copy the Professionals and they are selling their version of the 20:1 with 50% Amygdalin content for cheap prices however the extracts are brown or dark brown meaning there cant be 50% Amydalin (B17) and 50% Apricot Kernel extract because the extract would look like a light tan or cream color and not dark brown which is just normal 2-3% Amygdalin (B17) . A total scam. Also AMYGDALIN is a HIGHLY EXPENSIVE Ingredient. Sellers charging cheap prices are supplying fakes or they would be out of business.

Explaining Each Vitamin B17 Professional

HV Colloidal Rhodium Professional 200ppm
Apricot Kernel Extract Pro600
Bitter Apricot Kernels Seeds Extract Pro600

Vitamin B17 Professional

Vitamin B17 Professional 6% Amygdalin
Vitamin B17 Professional 6% Amygdalin
high voltage rhodium professional colloidal

Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro300

Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro300 otherwise known as B17 Pro300 is Organic Bitter Apricot Extract with a natural content of 3-4% Amygdalin (B17) and added 6% Amygdalin producing a Total Amygdalin content of it least 9%. Each Capsule is 300mg and each jar contains 100 capsules. Pro300 comes in a blue and white Gel Capsule or Vegetarian Capsule, easy to swallow since it is the smaller size of all the B17 Pro's. Taking 1 Capsule of Bitter Apricot Pro300 would equal taking 2 Whole Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels. Appearance is Dark/Medium Tan Color due to added Amygdalin (B17) content instead of Dark Brown (with no added Amygdalin)

Prodalin Professional Pure Amygdalin Capsules
Vitamin B17 Professional
Vitamin B17 Professional 50% Amygdalin