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Deep in the Amazon Rainforest grows a tree that has miraculous health benefits to those who consume it's extract. It grows mainly in tropical climates and is the new revolutionary substance that has been known to attack many diseases.Graviola is only one of it's names. In English Graviola is called Soursop. We would like to tell you a little bit about Graviola so you will have a General Idea of it's uses and purpose however individual research should be done by a consumer to get full knowledge and potential out of this product.

Graviola (Soursop) is also known as Brazilian Paw Paw, Guanabana, Guanavana, Guanaba, etc, has many names around the world. The Graviola is a small, evergreen tree growing 5 to 6 meters in height with large green, glossy leaves. It produces a large heart shaped edible fruit that is 6-9", yellow/green in color with white flesh. The fruit is sold at market around the world and has been used in food, drinks, and medicines.

Graviola seems to have high potential at attacking various disease's such as Cancer, Herpes, Arthritis, Diabetes, etc. Graviola seems to be a very smart and selective substance when on the attack simply meaning it attacks the "bad things" while leaving the "good things" alone.

1) Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 is 20 times (twenty times) more powerful than most other Graviola supplements sold on the market today. What does that mean. Most Graviola Supplements contain 300mg each capsule of 1:1 and give you around 60capsules per bottle. Taking 1 Capsule of Cleopatra's Graviola 20:1 600mg would = (equal) taking 40capsules of the competitors...Wow!! So 1.5 capsules of Cleopatra's Graviola Pro would equal the competitions entire bottle.

2) Most retailers supply you with a standard strength of 1:1 at a low mg of usually between 250mg-400mg and expensive bottles contain 500mg of just 1:1 while Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 supplies you with 600mg of 20:1 which again is 20x the strength.

3) Many competitors supply you with 60-90capsules while Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 supplies you with 120 capsules per bottle.

4) Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 is extracted and processed using cold processing unlike most which use heat which in turns lowers the effectiveness of the Graviola Extract

5) Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 is 100% Organic, Natural, and has 0% Fillers, 0% Preservatives, and 0% Additives which gives you 600mg of PURE Organic Graviola 20:1.

6) Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 is made fresh and produced in the United States as well as packaged and shipped from the United States. We do not buy capsules from third party sources in hope that the product is what it is said to be. The product is made in the United States by Cleopatra's Health Employee's where it is then inspected for freshness. Unlike many sources we do not resale Old or "Sitting" products that have been stored for a couple of years!

7) Cleopatra's Graviola Professional does not add flavors, preservatives, chemicals, or any other harmful ingredients to our Graviola 20:1 Extract. The Customer will get what they paid for which is a Perfect 100% Organic, 100% Graviola Extract at the Strength (concentration) of 20:1 (20x stronger).

8) Cleopatra's Health Inc will not be beat. The Graviola Professional 20:1 extract is the #1 Graviola supplement in the World as far as purity, strength, and potency per mg.

9) Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 leaves a user with no negative side effects

10) Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 comes in Capsule form (not tablet) so a user can either swallow the capsules or twist them open and add the contents of the capsule to food or drink.

*The answers make it simple to see why Cleopatra's Graviola Professional
20:1 is the true professional Graviola Product available on the market today.


Graviola (Soursop) Professional 20:1

(extracted 20X stronger than leading brands)

What is Cleopatra's Organic Graviola Professional 20:1

Each Jar of Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 includes  : 120 Capsules 600mg (each) of Organic Graviola / Soursop Professional extracted at a strength of 20:1.

Why has it been given the name Professional and why should you choose Cleopatra's Graviola Professional 20:1 over other brands? Here are the top 10 answers why :

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